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Maria Teresa Matus is a known figure in the artistic world of Peru. She is a very well-known painter and her works often sell at auction. She is popularly known as the ex-wife of the famous Peruvian writer Arturo Vidal, who is known for his novels, short stories, dramas and films.

Maria Teresa Matus is the ex-wife of Arturo Vidal, a well-known Chilean politician. As it seems, the couple has been married for a long time, as it has been known for a long time that they have been married. However, until recently, the media has not mentioned anything about this fact.

Arturo Vidal was married to Maria Teresa Matus, who is a Chilean actress and model. They dated for 4 years, and were married in 1996. After being married for only 2 years, they divorced. Vidal, a Roman Catholic, was also a staunch believer in the Catholic faith, and refused to allow his wife to attend church services with him. This put a strain on their marriage, as Vidal felt that his wife was not sufficiently devout.

Today we would like to share with you some interesting information about the beautiful ex-wife of Arturo Vidal. So let’s take a quick look at Maria Teresa Matus.

Arturo Vidal, a midfielder who played for Serie A club Inter Milan and the Chilean national team, has won several major trophies for his former clubs, including Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern. Arturo is one of the key figures of the team, played more than 100 times for the national team and was elected Chilean Footballer of the Year in 2016. Arturo is also known for his personal life, his versatile personality, his great vision and his brilliant technique. Unfortunately this relationship ended after almost 10 years of marriage with the beautiful Maria Theresia Matus. But do you know Arturo’s lovely ex-wife?

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The amazing life of Maria Teresa Matus

Maria Teresa Matus, Arturo Vidal’s ex-wife, is a beautiful 37-year-old woman from the charming town of San Joaquin, Chile. Born on 8. March 1987, Mary is an Aries with one of the most charming, loving and sophisticated personalities. True to the Christian faith, she was raised by her father, Juan Matus, a native, and her mother, Teresa Matus, a homemaker. She spent her childhood with her sweet little sister, Jessica Matus. The San Joaquin County school superintendent helped her finish her elementary school. Indeed, with a wonderful family and unforgettable days, Maria had a perfect childhood.

Maria Teresa Matus, a lady of noble birth

Speaking of beauty and looks, Mary is a glamorous and beautiful soul. Maria is beautiful and graceful with a height of 1 meter 80 and a perfect physique. She is very careful to follow a fitness regime to look perfect. His appearance is enhanced by his penchant for tattoos, and his dark brown eyes and blond hair give him a certain allure.

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Maria and Arturo’s beautiful family who are all about love

Maria is a charming person and her cheerful and jovial nature is undoubtedly very attractive. Maria met Arturo for the first time in 2008, and at that moment she understood that there was a special bond between them: love.

After almost a year of courtship, the beautiful couple decided to get married in 2009. Maria and Arturo had a wonderful family with three loving children.

After their marriage in 2009, the lovebirds had children named Alonso, Elisabetta and Emiliano Vidal over the next seven or eight years. The couple wanted to be together and have time for their children, that was clear.

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Maria and Arturo’s divorce

Maria and Arturo lived a beautiful and loving life. Everything seemed to be going well until 2017 when everything went wrong.

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Finally, in 2019, the couple decided to go their separate ways. After the divorce, the children live with Maria. Although the exact reason for the divorce is known, it is still an unprecedented event. Maria especially wants the children to interact with Arturo, even now.

Maria Nu Quarry

After her divorce from Arturo, Maria began to live her life freely and independently. After dreaming of becoming a model, Maria finally made her dream come true. Maria has defined her career as a social media influencer and Instagram model. With numerous modeling projects under her belt, Maria is a rising star ready to shine. She lives with three children and enjoys sharing special moments and creating memories while managing her career and professional life.

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Maria Teresa Matau Social media

Maria is a beautiful model and member of influential circles and is very active on social media. His Instagram page has about 625,000 followers. Maria mostly shares photos from her shoots, her vacations, her kids and her friends. Maria lives in Santiago, Chile, and is very active on social media.

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Maria’s success

Mary is the one with the most impressive facial features and character. Although little is known about Maria’s net worth and salary, it is estimated that she earns between $1 and $5 million from her social media posts. The beautiful young soul is now single, a model and an influencer. Although no information is known about Maria’s private life, we wish this strong and beautiful lady the best of luck in achieving the success she is striving for.

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Arturo Vidals wife is named Natalia.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much is Arturo Vidal worth?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Arturo Vidal is currently worth $11.5 million”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much does Arturo Vidal make?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Arturo Vidal is a Chilean professional footballer who currently plays for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. He has won the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and Copa América among other titles.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the wife of Arturo Vidal?

Arturo Vidals wife is named Natalia.

How much is Arturo Vidal worth?

Arturo Vidal is currently worth $11.5 million

How much does Arturo Vidal make?

Arturo Vidal is a Chilean professional footballer who currently plays for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga. He has won the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and Copa América among other titles.

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