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Every now and then, I like to talk about some of the upgrades we’ve made to the Ascent Cyberdeck over the years. Whether it’s the self-contained power supply, the improved video processing or the new displays.

I have been a huge fan of the Ascent since the early days of its inception. It’s a great device to have, and I never put it down. Unfortunately the early days of the Ascent were marred by a few issues, ranging from the design to poor software support, and even poor customer service. I can never forgive Ascent for those early issues, but I have to say it has made a huge leap in the right direction since those days.

The Ascent Fabrication is one of the largest and most well-known custom PC builders in the UK, with a reputation for using the finest components and cutting edge DIY technology. The Ascent website is It is the home of the Ascent Cyberdeck, a modular machine that allows people to build a PC from the ground up.

Your cyberdeck is one of the most essential, yet least understood, elements of The Ascension. As you construct your ultimate killing machine in this dystopian cyberpunk RPG, this piece of hardware is your key to unlocking better weapons and equipment. What does the cyberdeck accomplish, and how might it be improved? Let’s have a peek at our upgrading guide for The Ascent Cyberdeck.

The cyberdeck is a hacking tool that is very effective. This handy gadget can do a variety of tasks, including unlocking locks and stealing ATMs, as well as taking control of automatic turrets and mortars. You are in command as long as you are in close enough to a hackable piece of technology and have a high enough cyberdeck level.

Boosting your cyberdeck necessitates the acquisition of cyberdeck upgrades. Each upgrade increases your cyberdeck level by one level, up to a maximum of 10. For the cyberdeck, each level unlocks a new power. You’ll be able to unlock higher tier locks on one level, turret hacks on another, and so on.


While your cyberdeck’s level cap is ten, there are over ten upgrades to be found. Some are easy to find as you complete narrative objectives, while others are off the main road and need sufficient unlocking rights (from previous cyberdeck upgrades) to reach.

Locations on the Ascent Cyberdeck are being upgraded

Cyberdeck Upgrade for Ascension Cluster 13



Cluster 13 has the earliest and simplest Cyberdeck upgrade. This is in the city, featuring all of the stores that you visit after completing the first task. Directly northwest of the armory, go to the top left corner. The upgrade can be found on the balcony at the top of the stairs.


No Man’s Land Cyberdeck Upgrade: The Ascension


It’s easy to overlook this improvement. You’ll travel through a place called No M0an’s Land on your route to the Grinder. On the street in front of it, look for a tiny, one-story structure with “Q72” written in big letters.

The big neon sign on the roof makes it simple to find the building. A stairwell may be found to the left. Take the steps to the roof, go all the way to the top right corner, and look inside the chest for the upgrade.


Cyberdeck Upgrade at the Ascension Black Lake Towers


This improvement is almost hard to overlook. Make your way through the narrative. During the task Trading Places, you will be assigned to a building named Coder’s Cove in the Black Lake Tower area.

There will be a brief cutscene before you may go to the southwest entrance and discover the upgrade sitting on some crates.


Upgrade to the Ascent AG Vault Cyberdeck



This is another another improvement that is difficult to overlook. Complete the primary narrative objective of Data Miner. You’ll eventually come to a huge elevator that will take you to a lower floor.

Follow the short corridor to the bottom to a neighboring open room. A chest with a level 2 lock will be found. The cyberdeck upgrade is just next to the chest.

Upgrade to the Ascent Cosmodrome Cyberdeck


Obtaining this upgrade is simple during the Foreign Code quest. In theory, you’re pursuing someone who is attempting to flee, but in reality, they are kind enough to let you to explore.

Pay attention to the numbers and letters painted on the buildings once you get to the Cosmodrome. A building designated C6 may be seen in the northwest part of the area.


Inside, search for the two chests that are side by side on your map. That’s the way to go. You’ll eventually reach a door with a level one lock. You should be able to hack it by now.

Enter via the front door. The upgrade may be found in a crimson chest in the room’s north corner.


Cyberdeck Upgrade at Ascension Lanier’s Apartment


You’ll be sent to Lanier’s apartment as part of the Trace Protocol assignment. You’ll be charged with checking out the security office after a short tale. This one is simple; the update is there in front of you as you go into the workplace.


ExMat Lab Cyberdeck Upgrade by Ascent



Trace Protocol also includes the next update. You’ll enter a lab (essentially the only clean location in the whole game) and battle your way ahead past several monsters.

Make your way to the northwest until you come upon a bigger square-shaped chamber with banks of computers all around the perimeter. The improvement Is on one of the PCs on the left side of the room.


Upgrade to the Ascent Pinnacle Cyberdeck


You climb to the city’s highest tier, named Pinnacle, towards the conclusion of the game.

As soon as you enter, circle the big circular hole in the floor clockwise. You may access a huge open balcony by passing through a doorway on the far-right side.


Walk all the way to the railing while admiring the scenery (see, sky!). The upgrade is on an outcropping at the brink of the cliff.


The Glut Cyberdeck Upgrade The Ascension


A jail is located in the Glut, near the metro station. The cyberdeck upgrade is inside, but you won’t be able to see the jail inside until you start the Prison Break Sidequest.

In the Glut, look for Alex, an NPC standing on a helipad. He’ll ask you to go inside the jail and take out a mech.


Go to the metro station after you’ve completed the mission. To the northeast lies the jail. Follow the perimeter of the structure as it revolves all the way around after passing through the entrance.


The cyberdeck is located at the building’s southwest corner. You don’t have to kill the mech to obtain the cyberdeck upgrade, but while you’re there, you may as well complete the side mission.


Upgrade to the Ascent Nitroad Cyberdeck



Nitroad, a run-down industrial area near Black Lake Towers, is located on the fringes of the Warrens level.

On the outside, look for a freestanding structure labeled Storage 16B and BioChoice Pharma. The ability to unlock level 2 locks is required to open the door. There’s a red chest inside with the upgrade.


Your Cyberdeck will be completely powered after you’ve collected 9 upgrades, giving you the most hacking power possible. You’re welcome to look for the other improvements, but you won’t be able to take them. Consider switching your focus to sidequests and perfecting your build now that you’ve become an unstoppable hacking machine. Check out all of our The Ascent guides for additional information on this and other topics.

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