3 Reasons to Rewatch Christian Bale’s Movie Hostiles This fall

We have been enjoying western movies for over 100 years now but currently there is not much audience to watch such movies. However, western is a genre that will provide you with timeless pleasures. If you are also looking for such films to see tough guys fighting with guns on their horses and magnificent landscapes, then you can consider rewatching the famous Hostiles.

Now you might be confused why we are suggesting you to watch it again if you have already seen it. Let us discuss a few reasons that make this movie one of the best western movies and why you should rewatch it during this fall.

1. Real life event based movie:


Who doesn’t like watching movies that are based on real events? Well, we are sure most of us do. Hostiles is also one such film based on a real incident but what is that? In 1892, Rosalee along with her family got attacked by some Comanche war members. In this attack her husband and her three children got killed, which is very unfortunate. Yet, she manages to struggle and escape from the Comanche group.

On the other hand, the president gave a task to Captain Joseph Blocker to escort the dying Cheyenne war chief along with his family members to his native country so that he can be buried where he belongs. Bale who performs the role of Joseph did Justice to the role and did not disappoint anyone. On the top of all, this movie is directed by a famous director Scott Jason Cooper, who never misses a chance to please his audience with his work.

2. It is one of the best western movies:


The Western continues to rehash itself. Every age tracks down its own particular manner of adjusting the class to mirror our country’s social development and progressive edification through a component that is remarkably and completely American. Hostiles is one such movie written by Scott Cooper who has kept in mind the present generation and how they should perceive the traditional genre.

If you are someone who loves to watch western movies that have tough heroes, horses, beautiful landscapes, gun fights, etc in them, then you can give this movie another thought. It is known to be one of the best western films that we have.

3. Provides wide range of landscapes to view:


One of the incredible joys of Hostiles rests in observing its creators’ extraordinary affectability to the steadily shifting landscapes over the north direction of approximately 1,500 miles. Cooper’s West is certainly not a conventional one however a progression of movements, from deserts and open fields to damp green woodlands and tough mountains.

Masanobu Takayanagi, who is the cinematographer of this film catches it all amazingly however without any complaint, while creation architect Donald Graham Burt has contributed strongly differentiating records of two armed force stations. If you find peace in watching pleasant landscapes, then you should consider re-watching it.

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