4 Most Successful Gamblers In The World in 2024

While some gamble to have fun, others gamble to win. Others, however, gamble to win and earn money. Among these people, there are some huge winners who have managed to not only make a profit by gambling but earn a whole fortune with their gambling ways. Although it seems like a pipe dream, even doing some simple gambling like playing online slots can earn you some serious cash. It’s all about knowing when and how much to play. Maybe reading the achievements of these gamblers will inspire you to do some bets today.

1. Bill Benter


Some people may have a stereotypical, negative look on gamblers, assuming them to be people who get on luck alone and have no desire to engage with a trained professional. However, it would be surprising for such people to hear that scientists are often very prolific gamblers. One such is Bill Benter, a famous horse racing, and blackjack gambler. Benter possesses a degree in Physics but his trump card is his incredible knowledge of mathematics.

This knowledge, coupled with information from Edward O. Thorp’s book called “Beat the Dealer” helped Benter become the most successful blackjack player. He was so skilled he ended up being banned from Vegs casinos after some time. However, Benter hasn’t stopped there and has since branched out into horse gambling. With the funds he accumulated from his gambling, Benter set out to fulfill a lot of charity work over the years. His philanthropy is well documented and includes various donations that help those in need.

2. Edward Thorp


Possibly the oldest entrant on this list, Edward O. Thorp is a famous and storied personality in the gambling world. Benter himself drew from his work to become better at blackjack. Thorp’s not only a great gambler, but he is also a very prolific mathematics professor. Among his involvement in the probability theory and linear operators. However, his most well-known work is “Beat the Dealer”. This book was the result of Thorp’s blackjack research and is one of the rare cases where a scientific work has reached the public directly without any peer review going on.

3. Phil Ivey


Poker is one of the most popular types of gambling. Among prolific poker players Philip Dennis Ivey Jr. may be one of the most recognized ones right now. In the World Series of Poker, Ivey has achieved many noticeable wins spanning from 2000 to 2014. These wins often cash out in millions of dollars, pushing Ivey further into wealth with each new poker game.

But just because he is focused on poker, Ivey sometime may play a slot online just for fun. One of his most formidable achievements is winning an event against 147 players. This event happened during 2009 but his activity lasted until 2014, after which he slowed down his activity in the gambling field.

4. Haralabos Voulgaris


One of the youngest entrants on our list, Voulgaris is best known for his NBA bets. Ever since the late 1990s, Voulgaris has been accumulating an immense amount of money by betting correctly on NBA games. His ability to win so much comes from the observational skills that gave him good insight on leading coaches of the NBA circles at that time.

Voulgaris was also part of the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour, through which he earned over 3 million dollars in live tournaments. Haralabos Voulgaris has managed to keep his relevance even as time went on, showing up in online poker video games. If you would like to try your luck then visit and check options this platform is offering.

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