Quarterback Trey Lance is Dazzling Early in San Francisco 49ers Camp but is he Ready to Start Week 1?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey ” Lancer ” Lance has been impressive as the team’s No. 2 quarterback through the first two days of training camp. He’s shown a strong arm, good accuracy and even better mobility.

The San Francisco 49ers are a pretty good team and one of the best in the NFC. They are winners of the Super Bowl a year ago, and have been one of the league’s best teams since, winning 4 out of 5 Super Bowls. When they went to the Super Bowl last year, they got there due to the play of quarterback Alex Smith. Now, new head coach Kyle Shanahan has made a lot of changes in the team, and they’re still winning. Quarterback is one of the areas in which Shanahan has seen some changes. Last year, the Niners signed quarterback Brian Hoyer from New York, before releasing him after training camp. They then brought in former Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins to be their backup. This year,

After two years in Minnesota, where he started all five games for the Vikings, the San Francisco 49ers decided to sign free agent quarterback Trey Lance to a two-year deal. Week one of training camp is usually the bellwether for a player’s performance in the season, but with a quarterback like Lance, who is new to the West Coast, a fresh start will be more important than ever.

Trey Lance of North Dakota State was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2024 NFL Draft after the team exchanged three first-round choices. Lance’s scouting report before to the draft said that he was a very raw but very gifted prospect. He only played one season at a minor school before entering the draft at the age of 20, just a few months shy of turning 21.

Lance was expected to wait for at least a year, if not many, after being drafted and grow behind Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco’s starter in recent years.

However, new rumors from 49ers training camp indicate that Lance may start under center in San Francisco sooner than expected.

Trey Lance came into the NFL with little experience but a lot of potential


According to, Lance earned the Walter Payton Award for best player in the Football Championship Subdivision, the Jerry Rice Award for best freshman in the FCS, and the Missouri Valley Football Conference Offensive Player of the Year Award in only one season at North Dakota State.

However, it was his only season at the college level. Lance only appeared in one game as a sophomore when his season was cut short by COVID-19.

He entered the draft at the age of 20 as a classic dual-threat quarterback, one who, despite his youth and lack of experience, had a high football IQ. He’s rated at 6-foot-4, 224 pounds, with a powerful arm, speed, and agility, and he has all the physical attributes required to thrive in the NFL.

In his first NFL training camp with the 49ers, Lance has already made an impression


Lance has already placed himself in the mix to be San Francisco’s starting quarterback at some point this season, according to The youngster has already produced numerous flash plays, demonstrating his ability right away.

Garoppolo’s fast start has been downplayed by 49ers GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan, who have said that Garoppolo will start in 2024. According to 49ers WebZone, Lynch hasn’t been able to keep his enthusiasm under control since seeing Lance:

Lynch told (Adam) Schefter, “He’s looked terrific.” “He’s truly done it. I believe what’s most remarkable about Trey is how he handles his work. Everyone wants to speak about his physical attributes, but he’s a real pro in every aspect.

“We have a lot of players that love the game and are ready to put in the effort to prepare, and Trey is a great example of that. He’s also looking terrific on the field.”

GM John Lynch of the San Francisco 49ers on Trey Lance

Lance may follow in Patrick Mahomes’ footsteps and become an NFL great

Since the selection, I’ve suspected that there would be a Taysom Hill aspect here (designed sets for Trey Lance), but more significantly, that the 49ers believe Lance can be their Patrick Mahomes. And they’ll use a mix of tactics to get him to where he has to go.

Mahomes is currently generally regarded as the NFL’s top quarterback. He didn’t start off that way, however. Mahomes came into the NFL as a raw but gifted quarterback whose college performance had some evaluators doubting his ability to thrive in the NFL. Does this ring a bell?

According to Pro-Football-Reference, Mahomes only started one game for the Kansas City Chiefs in his first season, the season finale. Mahomes waited behind veteran Alex Smith, readying himself to make his NFL debut whenever the Chiefs gave him the chance. Mahomes has dominated the league since then, passing for over 14,000 yards and 114 touchdowns while also winning the MVP award.

Coming out of college, Lance and Mahomes looked a lot alike. Despite his promising start to training camp, the 49ers may have a potential MVP on their hands if they let Lance rest like Kansas City did with Mahomes.

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