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5 Best Sky Replacement Software

A growing number of sky watchers are choosing to replace their outdoor LED lighting with bright white LED light bulbs. These light bulbs are bright enough to replace most of the light from the sky, and they also provide an interesting ambient glow—particularly when paired with the right software.

The sky is a stunning backdrop to your outdoor scenery, but sometimes it rains, the sun shines brightly, or clouds obscure it. Fortunately, today, technology allows you to see the sky through your computer or mobile device. Here are the top 5+ free apps to view the night sky through your computer:

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6th of August, 2024

Originally published in March of 2024.

  • With so many choices, picking the best sky replacement software for your requirements may be difficult.
  • When it comes to landscape photography, photographing sky may be difficult.
  • With a simple click, sky replacement software can help you correct overexposed pictures.
  • Popular sky replacement programs make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make the procedure easier.

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Taking beautiful sky pictures is simple; but, what you see on your camera may not necessarily match what you saw when you took the snapshot.

Repairing overexposed and uninspiring sky may be difficult, particularly if you don’t have the proper tools at your disposal.

This job may be made a lot simpler using sky replacement software. These tools enable you to add motion to your pictures by changing the sky, resulting in a seamless final product.

Some popular Skye replacement applications, such as Adobe Photoshop is a software program that allows you to and Luminar, have AI technology that is particularly intended to assist you in improving your Sky replacement method.

If that isn’t enough, we’ve looked at a few additional Sky replacement tools in the post below.

What is the greatest software to use as a replacement?



Adobe Photoshop can handle anything from picture alteration to compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design.

You may use modern AI technology to alter pictures and share your project with your audience and clients through live stream straight from the dashboard.

You may now pick the sky in a picture and replace it with a sky of your choosing with the new sky replacement tool. The software’s AI technology will automatically adapt the scenery’s hues to the new sky.

Adobe Photoshop features improved and powerful editing tools to remove objects, retouch and recolor to create magical effects. It also comes with easy selection, unlimited layers, and access to thousands of brushes from its collection.

Adobe Photoshop’s main features include:

  • With AI technology, this is an excellent sky replacement tool.
  • Editing tools that are more powerful and improved
  • Adobe Creative Cloud access
  • There are over a thousand brushes to choose from for personalization.


Adobe Photoshop


Using this powerful and flexible application, you can easily change the sky in any of your photos.


InPixio is a photo editing software. is a fantastic tool for editing and enhancing your photos. Additionally, this application includes capabilities such as deleting items or backdrops, photomontages, and sky enhancement tools.

Additionally, if you need more professional editing of the images, features such as horizontal soft focus and building straightening for slanted photos are available.

You’ve also included a sky-replacing tool with this Powered-AI program, which may enhance the appearance of your sky to make it seem more natural and beautiful. Your photography’s hues will also blend in with the foreground.

Thus, if you need reliable Powered-AI software to resolve overexposure or other issues, this solution can work as your personal assistant in editing or beautifying your images.

inPixio Photo Studio’s key features include:

  • Colors in the sky are harmonized using AI.
  • Objects in the background are automatically removed.
  • Color autocorrection is a feature that allows you to make adjustments to your images.
  • Correction of red-eye automatically


InPixio Photo Studio


Do you need an effective sky replacement tool? You can instantly enhance your pictures using InPixio Photo Studio.


Corel PaintShop Pro is a software program developed by Corel. is a popular picture editing program that now includes AI-assisted features. While it may not be a jack of all crafts, it is a more cost-effective alternative to sophisticated manipulation applications like as Adobe Photoshop, with a good range of tools and capabilities for both novices and pros.

The tool’s most recent version adds AI upsampling, which allows you to expand any picture without sacrificing resolution or aesthetic quality. AI Artifact Removal, which removes artifacts and restores fine details and original colors, AI Denoise, which removes random variations in brightness and color in pictures due to bad lighting conditions, and AI Style Transfer, which turns your photos into styled pieces of art.

Corel PaintShop Pro has the following features:

  • A fantastic collection of new, powerful tools.
  • With a flexible interface and lots of tutorials, it’s easy to get started.
  • Affordable
  •  New AI-enabled technologies to automate the editing process for high-stakes projects


Corel PaintShop Pro


Corel PaintShop makes it simple to delete and change any sky part in your photos.


Luminar 4 promises to provide new tools and AI technology to give creative professionals the picture editing capabilities they need to produce beautiful artwork pieces, similar to Photoshop and PaintShop Pro.

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The new SkyAI tool in Luminar 4 allows you to rapidly mask your sky region, including any difficult foreground objects, and replace the sky.

You may also change the standard Sky images with your own photographs.

Additional landscape photography tools include Atmosphere AI and Sky Enhancer, which add depth and texture to your sky picture, Golden Hour, which adds warmth, and Sunray, which adds sun rays.

It has complete RAW compatibility, many Adobe and Apple plugins, and dozens of selective modification tools.

Luminar 4 is an inexpensive option for creative pros and amateurs alike, with a noticeably contemporary UI and unique retouching capabilities not seen in other programs.

Luminar 4’s key characteristics include:

  • SkyAI is a program that allows you to rapidly msk sky and replace it with a different sky.
  • Warmth and sun beams are added via the Golden Hours and Sun Rays feature.
  • Full RAW support in a photo editor and browser
  • Adobe and Apple products have plugin support.




Luminar makes it simple to remove any sky backdrop and replace it with one of your own.


Flame by Autodesk is a powerful visual effects program that lets you produce interactive 3D visual effects, compositing, color grading, conforming, and sophisticated graphics in a matter of minutes.

You may utilize Autodesk Flame as sky replacement software with the assistance of a semantic keyer for sky extraction to separate skies, remove clouds, apply treatments to the sky backdrop, and more with a single click using a semantic keyer for sky extraction.

GPU-accelerated defocus effects, human face extraction, Dolby vision HDR, integrated finishing improvements, and more are included in the newest Autodesk Flame version.

Autodesk Flame’s key features include:

  • Excellent tools for replacing clouds and backgrounds in the sky.
  • Human face extraction with GPU-accelerated defocus effects
  • Enhancements to the finishing process that are integrated
  • A complete range of editing and finishing tools is available.


Autodesk Flame


With this incredible program, you’ll be able to change any sky piece in your artwork or photos at any time.


LandscapePro is a picture editing program for outdoor photographers that is intuitive, simple to use, and powerful.

Intelligent landscape editing provides you with tools that are tailored to your picture. With the new environment tools, you can add rain, snow, fog, and more to your pictures.

You can repair full, cloudy, blown-out skies and alter the backdrop using the built-in sky replacement tool, which comes with hundreds of choices.

You may use the overlay function to put a log or watermark to your work to help safeguard it online.

LandscapePro’s key features include:

  • AI-powered selection tools with a lot of power
  • Editing options that adjust to your pictures are excellent.
  • Slider interface that is simple to utilize
  • To alter, edit, and add backdrops, use sky replacement tools.

Obtain Landscape Pro.

If you don’t have the proper tools to make the required modifications, sky replacement may be difficult.

This job is made simpler by sky replacement software, which allows you to pick the sky in a picture and replace it with a sky of your choosing.

Examine all of the resources mentioned in this post to discover the finest sky replacement software for landscape photography.

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Sky replacements come in a variety of forms, from soaring landscapes to a starscape, but do you know which software is best for you?. Read more about sky replacement photoshop and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do sky replacement in Lightroom?

Yes, you can replace the sky in Lightroom.

What app can i use to change the sky?

The sky can be changed in the Beat Saber PS4 menu.

Does luminar 4 have sky replacement?

Luminar 4 does not have a sky replacement.

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