How Often Should Commercial Kitchen Hoods Be Cleaned

Keeping up your commercial kitchen is a must if you want to keep your license, increase the number of customers, and if you want to create a safe space for your employees. Doing the upkeep is not something we are looking forward to, but if you don’t do it, you risk a drastic decrease in the quality of foods you present to the people that come to your restaurant or place of business. The kitchen hoods are some of the most important parts of equipment that you need to take care of, and here we will tell you how often should commercial kitchen hoods be cleaned.

What should you know about the process?


The main thing that you need to know is that there is no exact rule on when you should do the maintenance. This all depends on your habits, how much food you prepare per day, and what type of food it is. Some dishes and some cuisines will require more frequent cleaning than others.

Note that one of the easiest ways to see if your hood is due maintenance is if you can see visible dirt on the unit; if there is a bad odor coming out of it, or if you can notice bugs and pests anywhere near it. Some people choose to wait until they can notice any of the signs, but if you do this, you risk damaging your equipment much sooner. Some signs are going to do damage to your reputation as well, and in case there is mold or fungus growing there, you also risk your employees’ health. The main thing is that you should not wait for the warning signs to appear before you choose to get the hood cleaned.

One of the best things about this process is that you don’t have to do it on your own, and services like Premier Grease can help you out with the task without any problems. A professional cleaning service will do it all instead of you and they will ensure that the hoods are properly washed, that there is no damage on them, and that they are completely dry and cleaned when they put them back in their place.

When should you clean it?


So, now let’s talk about the important thing, and when should you do the cleaning process of the commercial kitchen hood. As we previously mentioned, it all depends on the type of business you have and the type of food that is cooked there.

When you choose to do some research, you will see that experts recommend that you should do this type of upkeep between once per month and once per year. This answer is too broad and if you do it just once per year, when you needed to actually do it once every two months, you will get your equipment damaged.

The easiest way to figure it out for your specific case is to talk to a professional service and let them estimate when is the right time to do the maintenance. The experts will give you an answer depending on your specific place of business and they will not give just a broad answer.

If you cannot contact a service right away, your best bet is to maintain the hood about four to five times per year. Make sure you know how to do it, and don’t rush or forget this process.

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