How Often do Air Commercial Conditioners Need to be Serviced?

In the last few decades, humanity, on all meridians, has faced significant climate change. Unprecedented heat waves, prolonged drought, sudden storms, hurricanes – all these are new weather troubles, which complicate our lives. Extremely high temperatures, especially in cities, make it unbearable to carry out a daily routine.

All this would be impossible without air conditioning. Also, the functioning of companies, large and small, then restaurants, hotels, shops, malls, museums… all public places, would not be pleasant without air conditioning. That is why it has become one of the most represented and most purchased products today.

Every air conditioner requires regular maintenance, especially commercial ones, otherwise it can let us down when we least expect it and when we especially need it. Therefore, servicing should be considered earlier. If you have a new device, once per year is enough. However, if you notice any of the following malfunctions, you must call an authorized professional:

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You started to hear a strange sound

Probably the first thing you will notice, if your air conditioner is not working properly, is an unusual sound. It can be banging, creaking, tones you have not heard before… The diagnosis can only be made by a service technician and it is best to leave it to him. As we were advised by professionals from Pacific Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal, in case you notice an unusual sound, it is best to stop the air conditioner until the professionals come, otherwise you risk an even bigger breakdown. Then the costs increase, and that’s certainly not what you need.

The filters have not been cleaned for a long time

The filter can be the cause and cause of many disturbances in the operation of your device. It collects moisture, dust, odors, bacteria and viruses. So, it should be treated as the most contaminated part of the air conditioner. If you feel an unpleasant smell of mold, condensation, dust… it is necessary to clean it, even replace it.

Imagine a nicely designed conference room or a luxury restaurant, where an unpleasant smell awaits you upon entering. Of course, you would immediately form an unfavorable opinion about the owner and bypass the cooperation with him and his services. Another danger lurks from an unmaintained filter, and these are allergens and bacteria, which can have a detrimental effect on health.

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Problems with temperature regulation

A thermometer malfunction can cause a lot of problems. It is the coordinator of all functions and must be absolutely correct. It may cause overheating, fire and major damage to the unit. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly monitor its work and react at the slightest deviation.

Unusually high electricity bills

This is one of the indicators that something is not working properly. We guess your electricity bills are high which is common for most businesses, buy if you notice that bills are suddenly 20 or 30% higher, that is a red flag. Maybe your device is old, so the engine is weak, maybe freon is leaking, so the compressor does not have enough cooling power… You should definitely call experts, who will solve the problem in the best possible way.


It is clear that air conditioning is crucial for the needs of today’s functioning, in almost all spheres. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly monitor and take care of them. Any irregularity in the work requires the call of experts, even though everything works perfectly, occasional servicing is required. If, in addition to your basic business, you take care of all the details, you will certainly be more relaxed, because there will be no sudden inconveniences and complicated situations. You will be an example of a capable and versatile business man and you will be proud to be able to receive everyone into your work space.

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